Juggernaut Music Group

Juggernaut is a UK based label bringing together
the worlds of EBM, Synthpop and Industrial


Crashing onto the electro-industrial scene this year, Renoized have been tipped as one of the hottest new bands to follow; playing a storming series of shows across the UK, they have quickly established themselves as a band not to be ignored.

Alex Holmes is the driving force behind Renoized, Nottingham?s fiercest addition to the electro-industrial scene. Captivating the ears with infectious melodies, relentless beats and grinding synths, Renoized demands your attention.

Alex?s early passion for death metal was dragged kicking and screaming into a bloody alliance with his love

Venal Flesh - Emulgent Disfigurement

From the man behind "Worms Of The Earth" comes the gory, inspired and intricate "Terror EBM" project "Venal Flesh"!

Littered with choral samples, bells, saw leads and a grotesque ambience, Venal Flesh is a deliberate nod to the days of Lexincrypt/Symbiont and Aslan Faction.

Never content to be a follower, Dan Barrett leads with his new project - taking on existing elements of a genre that many consider to be making a resurgence; taking the genre back to its roots and restructuring it.

Already known to a few with a self-released demo a... read more



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