Juggernaut Music Group

Juggernaut is a UK based label bringing together
the worlds of EBM, Synthpop and Industrial

Blast Radius

Blast Radius is a two-piece project from Australia. Originally a solo project, Ryan joined recently to add a new dimension to the sound.

Our interest in the group came with debut album "Define, Redefine" (available at http://www.poponaut.de/blast-radius-define-redefine-p-12376.html?osCsid=33530a36714303e084cf671d8546f4bd).

Blast Radius specialise in lengthy instrumental songs, generating an Ambient yet Industrial soundscape.

IIOIOIOII - Rising Sky / Stardust

Synthpop with a slightly minimal edge. Depeche Mode meets Skinny Puppy, Hioctan meets Acretongue - Christopher Gurney wears his heart on his sleeve, and IIOIOIOII (Pronounced "I.O.") is undoubtedly an artist that likes to show his feelings.

This 4 track EP is a double "A-Side", with two B-Sides to capture and inspire.
Limited Edition Jewelcase CD available.


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