Juggernaut Music Group

Juggernaut is a UK based label bringing together
the worlds of EBM, Synthpop and Industrial

Train To Spain

Train to spain is a swedish duo that make Electro-pop music. The sound is a combination of the 80s, 90s and 2000s. Jonas and Helena has been involved with various aspects of music through the years and the combination of their forces brings forward some really top notch tunes.

Ira-k Organisation - Parasite

"Delete your mind, Delete your existence. We do NOT promote Racism, Fascism, or any kind of hatred or intolerance.
We exist to make you think about our history - to prevent the past from repeating itself."

Ira-K Organisation is Ira - a native of Catania, Italy. Perhaps one of the closest "Industrial" bands under our banner, this solo project is a fusion of Hard Industrial, Rhythmic Noise, and Techno.
C-Lekktor, Hypnoskull, Alien Vampires, Phosgore. Blend the four names into an elixir; remove the cap, and inhale deeply. The result will be an overwhelming se... read more


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