Juggernaut Music Group

Juggernaut is a UK based label bringing together
the worlds of EBM, Synthpop and Industrial

Blast Radius

Blast Radius is a two-piece project from Australia. Originally a solo project, Ryan joined recently to add a new dimension to the sound.

Our interest in the group came with debut album "Define, Redefine" (available at http://www.poponaut.de/blast-radius-define-redefine-p-12376.html?osCsid=33530a36714303e084cf671d8546f4bd).

Blast Radius specialise in lengthy instrumental songs, generating an Ambient yet Industrial soundscape.

Ritual Aesthetic - Decollect

From the darkened mind of talented artist and live drummer for Dawn of Ashes' final ever tour, comes Ritual Aesthetic.

Sean Ragan's solo project is not something designed to be easy listening - in fact, if it's one thing at all; it's the polar opposite. A blend between the Metal sounds of Psyclon Nine and Dawn of Ashes, and an unsettling ambience, "Decollect" is the official CD release of the earlier digital album of the same name.

Impressed by Ragan's absolute commitment to his music, treating his art as everything, we saw a passion that simp... read more


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